Termination of support for the Monero cryptocurrency (XMR)

Termination of support for the Monero cryptocurrency (XMR)

Dear customers!

Please note that from 02/20/2024 05:00 UTC+2 the flow of quotes of traded pairs with cryptocurrency Monero, namely XMRBTC (Monero vs Bitcoin) and XMRUSD (Monero vs US Dollar), will no longer be supported by the source. Further support and delivery of these symbols after 02/20/2024 will not be carried out. In this regard, from 02/15/2024 00:00 UTC+2, trading in this instrument will be limited only to closing positions. On 02/20/2024, all outstanding client orders and current positions in the market will be forcibly liquidated. Please take this fact into account in trading.

Best regards, By Trend team.

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